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Antique tub

Superior Antique Bathtubs Refinishing

Hire the professionals at Refinishing Unlimited to make your old claw-foot models look fantastic and function properly.

Create a New Look With Old Fixtures

  • Claw-foot bathtubs
  • Wall-hung farm sinks
  • Pedestal sinks  
  • Skirted bathtubs
Ask about our great selection of antique porcelain fixtures and claw-foot bathtubs.

Let Us Revamp Your Rooms Promptly

You can create a wonderful look for your bathroom a lot faster than you think and for far less than you had planned. Remember, you'll get your bathroom back in a day's period.
Call us to ask about our big claw-foot tub selection.
You can like an antique tub's look, not an antique tub's grit and grime! See how refinishing can freshen the look of your bathroom's tub or shower! Call us today.
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