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Kitchen remodeling

Cost-Effective Bathroom and Kitchen Repairs

You have probably tried to extend the life of your car and your blue jeans; why not do the same for your kitchen and bathroom? It's impractical to pay for brand-new products when repairing the existing ones will do. Count on the professionals at Refinishing Unlimited to take care of your kitchen and bathroom refinishing needs.

Repair is Refinishing's First Step

Even the most durable household items suffer wear and tear. So those cuts in your kitchen countertop are just reminders of all the great meals you prepared, right? That's true to a point, but a gash in your countertop or a chip in your sink can actually be a breeding ground for germs. That's why we always patch and fill before applying the finish.

Your Lineup of Repair Possibilities

  • Major fiberglass and porcelain cracks
  • Scratches and gashes
  • Holes and chips in your bathtubs and sinks
  • Countertop burns
Don't forget — everything we repair and refinish will look great and work great for 20-25 years!
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Sometimes your fixtures just need a facelift. See how refinishing can make your bathtub look cleaner and brighter.
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