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Tub Cutouts

Bathroom  remodeling

Safe and Convenient Tub Cutouts

Thousands of people injure themselves stepping in and out of their bathtubs each year. If clearing that high step is now difficult for you, Refinishing Unlimited has a low-cost solution for you.

Safer Showers in Just a Few Hours

Don't let vanity stop you from protecting yourself. While the Safeway Step offers noticeable advantages in performing your daily routine, it won't ruin your bathroom's appearance. The cutout is roughly 2 feet wide and only 8 inches deep, and it won't require sawing down to the floor. In fact, if you use a shower curtain, guests won't notice anything different.

Get a Better Bathroom With Only 1-Step

If your daily bathing has become a challenge, consider the advantages of the Safeway Step bathtub cutout. 
  • Costs a fraction of adaptive shower installations
  • Creates a sufficiently wide space to pass through
  • Can be incorporated into most existing bathtubs
  • Available in a variety of bright and neutral colors
Veterans get 10% DISCOUNT on our tub cutouts! To learn more, call us at: 402-304-8545
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