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Superior Refinished Bathtubs

It's no surprise why day spas show gleaming white tubs in their advertisements. A clean, neutral-toned tub helps establish the right atmosphere to relax and soak away a long day. Contact Refinishing Unlimited to set up a time to refinish your bathtub.

The Most Trouble-Free Makeover Ever

Refinishing is simple. Consider all the steps that you'll save:
  • Opening up three walls and the floor to tear out the tub
  • Disconnecting and changing out plumbing fixtures
  • Replacing the walls and patching the flooring
  • Installing new tile to match or replace damaged pieces
  • Grouting and the fine finish work

Refinishing is Fast and Long Lasting

When you hire us, we will refinish your bathtub in one day! No contractors noisily knocking down walls and no one holding your bathroom hostage for days or weeks on end.
Your tub will look brand new, and the finish will last up for 20-25 years. We offer a 5-year GUARANTEE too! Get in touch with us today.
10% DISCOUNT for veterans! Call us at:
"Justin, your company, Refinishing Unlimited, did a great job! My bathtub really looks nice. Thank you!"
- Lynette S.
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